What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense system originally developed for the military. It was designed to be learned quickly and effectively in a short period of time. Krav Maga utilizes powerful striking techniques to deal with common threats and multiple attackers. Krav Maga is a principle based system and is meant to be adapted to better fit the situation. 

For more information about Krav Maga and the system we train under visit https://www.kravmaga.com/.

What do we do at Krav Maga Lubbock?

Krav Maga Lubbock is dedicated to teaching students Krav Maga in a fun, friendly, and safe environment. We train self-defenses, strikes, and techniques from the Krav Maga Worldwide system. Our focus is on developing our student’s mental and physical strength. We build fighters, confidence, and community. Here, our students are always priority. 

Krav Maga Level (Belt) Breakdown

Level One, Yellow Belt

Consists of the very foundational techniques of Krav Maga. Basic stance/movement and strikes, defenses against common chokes and headlocks, defenses against common punches, and basic groundwork. 

Level Two, Orange Belt

Continues to expand on the techniques learned in Level 1. Level 2 also introduces techniques meant to build the individual as a well-rounded fighter such as basic boxing and kickboxing material. Groundwork in Level 2 focuses on defenses against attacks and chokes from positions such as full-mount. 

Level Three, Green Belt

Introduces techniques from Wrestling, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, and other martial arts to continue the student’s education as a complete fighter. Students learn how to spar in a controlled manner with their partners. A major goal of level 3 is to be able integrate material from all previous levels and adapt defenses to better fit the situation. 

Level Four, Blue Belt

Consists of advanced strikes, defenses, and techniques. Introduces basic weapons defenses such as handgun/knife threats and stick/blunt object attacks. 

Level Five, Brown and Black Belt

Advanced techniques for master practitioners of Krav Maga. Includes advanced handgun, long gun, and defenses against knife attacks. 

*We currently offer All Levels classes, which present material from the entirety of the system in a beginner-friendly manner. As students progress, we will offer dedicated higher level classes. 


We are located in Unit A19 of Security Park shopping center.

You can call or text us at 806-686-1530.