Owner, Head instructor, Krav Maga Worldwide blackbelt

Francisco Betancourt began training Krav Maga in 2010 with only a small amount of Muay Thai experience. He loved the no-nonsense approach to self-defense and, as someone with limited mobility, the ease of technical execution of the techniques. In 2012, he began training to become an instructor. After serving in the Oklahoma National Guard and completing graduate school, Francisco taught Krav Maga full time, continuing to pursue his own advancement. In 2018, he received the rank of black belt through Krav Maga Worldwide. Among students and instructors alike, Francisco is known for his vast knowledge and skill in the system, his acerbic wit, and his dedication to advancing the training of his fellow instructors.

Francisco also has experience teaching military personnel (including SOF), LEOs, Park Rangers, amateur MMA fighters, and Kids.


Owner, Head of business operations, Instructor

Briann Stephens began training Krav Maga in 2016. From the beginning, she felt surrounded by instructors and fellow students who wanted to help her succeed. A long-time athlete, Briann loves the detailed mechanics of sports and fighting, and she strives to bring those details to light in her classes. Off the mats, Briann is a dog lover, a video game nerd, and can often be found working with drills and saws. Briann is ever sharpening her own skills in the gym, as well as sharing the subtle intricacies of Krav Maga with her students.


AKA: Kazzie, Kazzbutt, Spazzie, Thunderbite

Kazzie is one of our rescue pups who loves to wiggle and bark at things that she forgot existed. She’s super snuggly, and is our example for how to move violently and randomly to defend against bearhugs. 


AKA: Sam, Sammy, Floof, Winter wolf, Freckle snoot

Sam is our flooffiest dog. Sam enjoys… the winter. He also loves food, head pats, and staring at things in the distance.  He is the most majestic creature to also have freckles. 


AKA: Tump Tump, Tumps, Dark snoot

Our one eye’d brindle boy, Handsome is another one of our rescue pups known for his hard-hitting tail wiggles. You will know he is near by the *tump tump tump sound! He has the world’s silliest run. And no, it’s not because he is missing an eye, he is just a giant goober. 


AKA: Lil butt, Lilly, LILAAAATH, professional snuggler

The smallest, and most ferocious of the 3 rescue pit bull pack. She enjoys sleeping, however when it is time to play she is very agile and aggressive. She likes to go on what we call “mission snugpossibles” where she finds the most complicated position to lay, and much like our krav defenses, finds a way to make it work!