In our studio, we carry basic gear and safety equipment
  • Hand wraps
  • Mouth guards (SISU Aero and Hayabusa)  
  • KML logo t-shirts
  • KML logo stickers

To be honest, we are a couple of fight nerds. Here are a few of our favorite brands that we are affiliated with and highly recommend,


 We got our mats, crash pad, hand wraps, sticks and punch/kick shields from them. They carry all types of fight gear and are extremely supportive of the Krav Maga community. Please let us know if you would like to order from them!


You can find Krav Maga Lubbock on the “Find my gym” option at You can order products for a discount, and they will ship  FREE to the gym!  Click the link below to check them out!

Diamond MMA

High quality gear for groin protection that we recommend! Click the link below to check them out. 


We are located in Unit B13 of Security Park shopping center.

You can call or text us at 806-686-1530.