Krav Maga, All Levels

This class is designed for every student, including beginners! Class usually consists of a short warm-up, combatives and drills, and a defensive technique incorporating all the elements learned in class. Classes can consist of every technique in levels 1-5 (Yellow – Black belt) that generally do not require special equipment.

Weapons Defenses

This class covers most of the basic weapon defenses in the Krav Maga system, and is also suitable for beginners! Class usually consists of a short warm-up, combatives and drills, and a defense against a weapon threat and/or attack. Defenses include:

  • Handgun threats
  • Knife threats
  • Stick/Blunt object attacks
  • Long gun threats
  • Knife Attacks

Women's Only Self-Defense

Free once a month Women’s only class that focuses on Krav Maga techniques and strategies to deal with harassment, assault, and other situations commonly experienced by women. Class is open to anyone who identifies as female.

Regular classes coming in 2020!  


Combat Conditioning

This 45 minute class is designed to focus on athletic conditioning through exercises that train core muscle groups and motions needed for performance in Krav Maga and other combat sports. 

Fight Class

This class will focus on boxing and mitt work, and eventually evolve to include light sparring and integration of different fighting styles. Beginners welcome!

Ground Fighting Class

Ground fighting class focuses on fundamentals of movement and positioning while on the ground. Aspects of jiu-jitsu are taught to help learn basic defenses and submissions from various positions. 

Kid's Krav

We’re not just another “my first little martial art”. Introduce your kids to effective self-defense and situational awareness in a fun and friendly environment!  

Every Monday/Wednesday 4:30-5:15 pm and Saturday 11-11:45 am. 


We are located in Unit A19 of Security Park shopping center.

You can call or text us at 806-686-1530.